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"An essential read for administrators, school board members, teachers, and families." - EdD & Professor of Education

"Much as the Civil Rights Act of 1965 failed to eradicate endemic racial discrimination, the Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 has not removed an insidious bias against the disabled by many of the nation’s schools.   “Daisy Has Autism” painfully illustrates how aggressive resistance to the spirit of the law by a school system can devastate a young family striving to live a decent and productive life.  It is a heart-rending read if you are into social justice and care about children with special needs." - Retired School Psychologist/Administrator, EdD & Psychology Professor

A beautiful and important story... All children have the right to a public education. School should be a place where children feel supported and accepted for who they are and what they bring to the community. As a developmental psychologist and educator, I believe that some of the most important lessons that children learn in school don’t come from text books; they come from the social interactions and relationships that children develop with their peers and teachers. Educators and school administrators should spend their time and resources creating an inclusive and accepting environment where all children can thrive. - PhD Developmental Psychologist & Researcher

While the subject matter is sobering, the story was engrossing and entirely pleasurable to read.  Told mainly from Arthur’s perspective, the story unfolds with vivid images of Davis and its environs, well-crafted characters and resonating parenting experiences.  Symbolism artfully draws parallels between the characters’ experiences and the cycles of life and nature.  The story isn’t preachy but instead is told with humility, humor and hard won wisdom.  For those who know little about the world of special education, it is an illuminating read.  And for those who have had a similar journey, it resonates and validates their experience. - Special Needs Parent & Advocate